Kestrel Gymnastics Group

Kestrel Gymnastics Group was formed in June 1983.

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We have had a long and successful history and produced many top gymnasts. Our awards include the British Gymnastics Association Regional Club of the Year which we have won twice.

Why gymnastics?

Most people don’t know it, but gymnastics isn’t just one sport. It’s a whole range of different types (or ‘disciplines’, as you’ll often hear them called). You’ve probably seen some of these types on TV on shows like BBC Tumble and ITV Britain’s Got Talent, through famous performers like Spelbound and Cirque de Soleil, or during the Olympics and Commonwealth Games. Gymnastics is a spectacular sport to watch and it’s even better taking part. The best gymnasts move with incredible strength, control and flexibility. Which means they can perform amazing jumps, tricks, balances and holds.

Is it easy to learn?

You probably already do some basic gymnastics at the moment. Whether that’s bouncing on a trampoline, doing cartwheels, hanging from bars or stretching. Of course, there’s a lot more to it than that. But if you decide to learn, you’ll be supported every step of the way by expert coaches.

Getting involved in gymnastics couldn’t be easier. You don’t need any special equipment, just your body and a desire to learn. We run sessions for every age and ability.

Why is it so popular?

Some people do gymnastics just to improve their physical condition. Others enjoy competing in regional, national and international competitions. But by far the biggest reason is the fun factor. There’s always a great atmosphere when people are practicing and training together. And learning how to do somersaults, flips and tricks just feels good.

Who is it for?

One great thing about the sport is there’s a type of gymnastics to suit every age, ability, fitness level and personality. From toddlers learning motor skills to teens, keen to learn cool new moves, to adults looking for a fresh way to workout, everyone can get a kick out of learning new physical skills.

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